Saturday, April 25, 2009

Please forgive me if disturbed

Today I received the following e-mail message: 











Run through Google Language tools, it reads:

Hello, your company: 

    I Industrial Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Tianhong, I in (across the country) have branch offices, can be completed more than a month proceeds Set fat / vote 

Out now on behalf of each month development / votes, value-added tax (customs payment book), tax and government rent: the goods sold Sale, transportation, advertising; 

Construction and installation; other services, etc., open to concessions on behalf of the basic, but also by the size of the number to discuss. 

Please forgive me if disturbed, 

Details, please call; 

        Contact: Mr. Huang 
        Phone :138-265-91959 
        Business QQ: 326763017

So this is my first Chinese spam! I feel I'm moving up in the world.

My favorite part is the last line: "Please forgive me if disturbed." If only it were that easy, Mr. Huang!


  1. YES, YES....if only someone could come up with a Good web translator, they would be Gazillionaires!

  2. "Mr. Huang," huh? I think I got some spam from this guy, too. But it didn't have to do with branch offices. Well, in my book all spammers should rightly be called Mr. Huang. Just seems to fit.