Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Qing Ming on the water II

These things turned out to be a lot less cool up-close than they looked from a distance. I thought you'd be able to tool around for miles by running up one side or the other -- but in fact, they're tethered to the beach, and in retrospect you'd need some kind of paddle structure to actually make any progress. The people who rented them seemed mostly to be horsing around inside. Boring!

This little guy reminded me of Frisco, back in the days when Darlene and I would take him around New York in a backpack. Too cute!

I've seen all kinds of crazy. I've DONE all kinds of crazy. But I'm not sure I would ever strap myself into a "reverse bungee cord," as this spinning thing was called, to be shot up into space.

And speaking of crazy, this girl is 40 feet up in the air on an inflatable climbing wall. I never quite got the gist of this game, but I think because she climbed high enough to touch one of those red, fluffy stuffed hearts, she got to keep one when she got back down to earth.

Chinese people think Americans are violent -- but please note that these bumper-cars have mounted guns!

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