Friday, April 24, 2009

Shenyang architectural details

I was particularly fascinated by the beautiful, detailed carving and painting at the palace in Shenyang. Everything was so exquisitely handcrafted, and the details were so clear after four centuries. This stone carving is from the stairway into the Chongzheng Hall, which I discussed in a previous posting.

Here is the throne room in
 Chongzheng Hall. Notice the incredibly detailed columns, the details on the watchful dragons, and the scrollwork on the throne.

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  1. You have eyes for details. The palace in shenyang is finer and smaller than that in beijing. The Qing emperors routinely came back to shenyang to worship their ancestors, and kept refining the palace. A pity is that you can not see the treasures now in the shenyang palace, because they were moved to be placed in beijing, after Kuomingdang took all the treasures from beijing to the taiwan island.