Sunday, November 29, 2015

Russians and Japanese

Got on the elevator with the two doglets. A skinny old guy (maybe mid-fifties) was already there, puffing away at a cigarette. He was quite friendly.
"What country are you from," he asked.
I said, as I always do, "China."
He laughed. "No, really!"
I responded: "Of course I'm Chinese. I can read Chinese, whereas you obviously can't." He laughed again.
Then I pointed to the very prominent sign which reads "Please do not smoke here" in perfectly good Chinese. I scolded him for being a Japanese in China, and I read each character out loud. 
(Calling a Chinese person Japanese is like calling Donald Trump a Mexican. YUUge insult!)
He laughed a big belly-laugh, and said "You're Russian?" 
I said yes, I'm Russian. Then the elevator door finally opened and let some fresh air in.


  1. Hi Robert, so surprise to find your blogs!!!
    I'm Karin, do you still remember me? We met several times when you first came to Dalian around 2009. And I remember you lived in the teacher's apartment of DUFE then. How time flies! So glad you are still in Dalian.
    If you remember me, please contact me.

  2. I don't understand your problem; as a smoker China sounds like a paradise! On that note, I'm going outside for a smoke. B.