Thursday, December 12, 2013

Another blog-reader

Today we interviewed a candidate for an Oral English teaching position. (We're still in need for spring semester — qualified candidates please apply!!!)

She gave her teaching demonstration, and we asked her plenty of questions about her background and experience. All well and good. Then at the end, as she was getting ready to leave the room, she asked "Are you, by any chance, Professor-in-Dalian?" I confessed that indeed, I am.

"I love your blog! Oh my god, it's great! It's so funny!" She practically gushed. After her good-byes, she asked me to please "keep up the good work."

When I write the blog, I imagine my friends, FB friends, family members, and perhaps one or two random stragglers happening across it. I'm always surprised to find that I'm slightly famous.

It occurred to me to ask her how she found out about the blog. (It turns out: via a posting on a discussion group she's a member of). Hi, members of that discussion group, whichever one it is! Thanks for the plug!

It didn't occur to me to ask her how she knew it was I. Maybe I've posted a picture or two of myself — such as the one with the garlic hat on my head, from WAY back when — but there haven't been many.

Oh well. I guess I should now expect the paparazzi to be watching wherever I go and whatever I do.


  1. I know exactly how you feel. I put an enormous amount of effort into my page and sometimes wonder why bother but then some subject will come up on a 3D film or something similar and a stranger will exclaim, "you wrote that thing about...?" So, when you get the feeling you're putting all this effort into something that nobody reads, you would be surprised how many people actually do read your stuff.

    1. Thanks much for that vote of confidence. If you're in the film business, then it's definitely all about those random, unpredictable connections.

  2. Hi Robert, do you have an email I could perhaps reach you on? I would like to enquire about that position for next year.