Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More on Chinese traffic control

I've posted about the traffic control and signage in China before, but it continues to amaze me. I suppose that they save a lot of money on traffic cops, Chevy cars, bored judges, and pointless attorneys.

This is a traffic circle a couple of blocks from here. If a foolish American is inclined to think that those white stripes mean he can cross the street at any time... Foolish American! The white stripes mean that drivers won't intentionally kill you, as long as you run across the street as fast as you can. Other than that -- no promises!

Here is another view of the same traffic circle. The big white building is the main classroom building, which you've seen in some earlier posts. My home is off to the left.

Almost all taxi cabs I've seen in China have been Volkswagon Santanas. I don't think I had ever seen that particular model before coming here.

I suppose this must mean "don't use your horn here." Either that, or this is the violin section of the orchestra.

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